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Autopano Pro 4 License Original For Windows

Autopano Pro 4 License Original For Windows
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– Program Aplikasi bukan trial
– Tidak mengunakan Crack/pacth atau yang sejenisnya
– Hanya di kirim fisik / tidak bisa lewat email atau link download

Spesifikasi miminum :
– Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 recommended (64 bits Only)*
– Processor: 1 GHz
– RAM: 2 GB

Note : Pada saat kalian melakukan pemesanan mohon di sertakan @mail kalian yang masih aktif untuk pendaftaran Original Lisense / Serial Number Aktivasi nya

Autopano Pro 4 from Kolor is an advanced still image stitching application designed to more easily create panoramas. Shoot multiple overlapping shots, import them into Autopano Pro, and stitch them into a panorama image, and then you can export out the combined image

Employing sophisticated algorithms, Autopano Pro seamlessly stitches together multiple images to create faithful panoramas. It also intelligently removes unwanted transparent artifacts caused by moving and overlapping subjects. Furthermore, SIFT image stitching technology further lets you maintain consistent exposure and color balance, remove vignetting, and reduce haze from individual images in the composited panorama, as well as create unique compositions from multiple images taken from different perspectives.

Autopano Pro 4 Key Features
– Automatic creation of professional quality panoramas
– Real-time panorama editor
– Rendering Preview
– Manual Editor for Control Points
– Creation of gigapixel panoramas and support for motorized heads (Partial: Professional Clauss Rodeon and Seitz VR Drive II panoramic heads are not supported)
– HDR: Automatic fusion
– HDR for special effects (save the .hdr file)
– Export plug-in for Picasa
– 9 languages to choose from


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